Hoxwinder Hall is a new comic strip about a kid who secretly brings a baby alligator home from a family vacation in Florida, and gets more than he bargained for...
Byron Hoxwinder
A ten-year-old who has his hands full when he tries to make a pet of a wild baby alligator.

Discovered near the vacationing Hoxwinder family’s Florida hotel, this little alligator is brought back to the strange new world of urban America and wears a small red polo shirt as a “disguise” from the rest of the Hoxwinder family. Dozi's name is derived from the word “Izod” spelled backward.

Rowdy Hoxwinder
Just sixteen and yet the smartest guy he knows, he is Byron’s older brother. Rowdy is a natural athlete, popular in school, and endowed with really cool hair.

Hoxwinder Hall was voted a Top 5 Finalist in the Washington Post's "America's Next Great Cartoonist Contest".